GrowHaus is a design firm that develops creative marketing solutions to solve the service issues that prevent small businesses from growing. Our services explore the sectors of advertising, content marketing, journalism, product and business development with the purpose of improving productivity and the quality of services to consumers.

Many entrepreneurs struggle to see growth in their businesses because they lack the savvy and skill to respond to ever-changing consumer demands. Our mission is to build connections with consumers beyond transaction and to improve the quality of the interactions between a service provider and their customer.   



GrowHaus collaborates with entrepreneurs to: (1) Identify the problem, which is usually a gap in communication.  (2) Create the strategy to fix it. (3) Develop the services that the client needs to improve communication and interaction with the customer.

We provide you with the powerful tools that will allow you to continue pursuing self employment through service design thinking education. Design thinking is a collaborative effort that involves our clients in the process of identifying and solving their organizational problems. We identify the best development strategies and communicate them visually through creative design work.